Hooray! I’m so pleased you’ve clicked through this far. The next step is to get you booked in. Now, my calendar does fill up pretty fast every year (especially during the summer) so it’s a good idea to act now if you’ve got your date set in stone.

My prices can be found at the foot of this page (just scroll down) and naturally I can offer a few extra bits on top. Albums, for example, are a beautiful way to keep your photos. And I DO recommend printing them. You didn’t go to all this effort just to have them languish in an online gallery forever. Repeat after me: thou shalt print thy wedding photos.


Where are you based?
I’m based in happening Crystal Palace in South London but I will go ANYWHERE. Just ask.
Do you photograph solely same sex weddings?
Not at all. I photograph weddings for all orientations and genders (around 60% of my weddings are same-sex). Weddings are weddings, if you’re planning one, get in touch.
I’m getting married in Italy, do you travel overseas?
Sì, naturalmente! (Yes, of course!) I travel all over the world for weddings. This year, I even hopped on a plane to Thailand and shot the most fantastic wedding there. Have passport, will travel.
How long will it take to receive my photos?
You’ll receive a sneak-peek gallery within a week of your wedding and the full gallery will be delivered within six weeks (you might need to give me two months in peak summer season when I’m very busy).
Do you offer half-day coverage?
Sure thing. Let’s have a chat about it.
A wedding photographer at my mate’s wedding left straight after the first dance. How long will you stay?
You don’t get rid of me that easily. The party after the first dance is one of my favourite parts of the day! I’ll be there for a good couple of hours after your first dance and I wanna see some SHAPES thrown.
Do you do formal group photos?
Yes! Although 99% of how I shoot is unposed, natural and fun, I always encourage my couples to do at least a few posed family group photos. Apart from anything else, it keeps the mums happy.
So I hate having my photo taken...
So do I, so I know exactly how you feel! But don’t worry, when we sneak off for fifteen minutes to do some couples’ portraits you’ll have tonnes of fun. I’ve got some fab tricks up my sleeve to get you guys giggling and feeling like yourselves. I’ve worked with some real wallflowers, and they’ve all ended up loving the experience.
That all sounds fab! How do we book you?
First and most important thing: drop me a line to check that I’m free on your wedding date. Then we’ll sort out your £400 deposit that secures your date. Then we’re all set!




(coverage throughout mainland UK)

All day coverage from preparations until first dance and beyond!

500+ high resolution images hand edited in my signature style (mixture of colour and black & white)

Password protected online gallery with all your high resolution images for you to download, print and share with friends and family

For half day rates or if you’re getting married overseas please get in touch.



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Wowsers…2018 was banging! Over 200,000 photos, 33 awesome couples, 8 cute puppies, 5 months of intense summer heat, a gazillion happy faces = 1 unforgettable year!


Although I'm a London wedding photographer, I happily travel to anywhere in the UK and abroad. I shoot all kinds of weddings and am a proud same sex wedding photographer.